Trust a local provider for your Hosting needs

Finding the right hosting company makes all the difference to your online marketing success.

  • If you are serious about your business then you need to make sure that you have 24 hour support. The last thing you want is your site going down when you are about to launch a new product, or if you have a technical issue you need resolving then a helpful support team is absolutely necessary.
  • Make sure that all the items that you need are inclusive in the price. It can be easy finding a cheap hosting company only to find you have to pay extra for auto responders, extra for email accounts, extra for this and extra for that can amount to your hosting package not being as cheap as you first thought.
  • Check to see if there are any FAQs to help you or whether the hosting company holds updated FAQs, this will further your education if you are new online. Check whether the proper guide line are provided for using the services.
  • If you intend running a huge business and believe that you will need to host more than three sites then your best bet is to look for a local company. This puts you in total control of your business.

Are you paying too much for Web Hosting?? What Should you look into when looking for a web host.

Customised, unique websites enhance your company’s marketing power

What do you want your visitors to experience when they click on your site?
A carefully designed, customised site reflects your company’s unique products, services and added value.

What are the features of a well-designed website?

  • You can find it quickly on a search engine
  • It loads fast, so you don’t waste time waiting
  • You can navigate easily to what you are looking for
  • The site does not look like everyone else’s
  • The site creates the impression that you want it to have
  • The colour scheme, layout and look and feel match your company’s logo, product mix, industry sector and business
  • To design a website that attracts and holds the attention of visitors, three factors are important:

  • The visitor – and what the visitors want to do or find
  • The visual appeal of the site – it must match your company’s style, and must match what your visitors want to see
  • The structure and architecture of the site – it has to be accessible and user-friendly
  • Are you paying too much for Web Hosting?? What Should you look into when looking for a web host.