Joomla Vs WordPress

When it comes to CMS, there are several opensource content management systems available on the Internet, and much has been written about each of them. I most common CMS that we use typically for ourselves and our clients are the two major ones that everyone in the development world know about and both have their own pros and cons with a huge community working behind them, and therefore the clash of the Titans.

The best thing about both Joomla and WordPress is that both of them can be used to build websites to the most simplest level upto the most complex commerce websites as well. The best thing however about wordpress the simplicity at which plugin’s can be found and installed as well as updated. The themes along with the core code can easily updated with s simple click of a button. This we can say to be the best part for any organization who lacks the skills of maintenance.

Joomla, however has a huge user base and a large community which provides extensive extensions and components for almost anything a developer or an end user can think of.  But when it comes to updating the core as well as the core it has never been an easy task and can be nerve breaking as well as costly, especially when it comes to custom templates and huge content and user base. Certain Joomla versions would need migration rather than an upgrade which can be quite a pain.

While, I find Joomla templates easy to understand and customize, WordPress themes are  the way around and the pain in customizing a theme to suit ones need can be task in itself.

Though both the CMS are widely available and used and much has been written about the both, even comparative narrations, these are just my few cents for filling the space.

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