Email to Sms using Twitter Notification

1. Open a new account in twitter ( myemail…) and hide all the tweets.
2. Go to and create new account. Follow instruction. See below to get RSS Feeds from your email
3. To receive gmail account type this url ”
 in the feed area with required details and test. (This no longer seems to work, use step 4 instead).
4. To receive yahoo mail go to this link and create a new account follow instruction. You will get your rss feed url copy to twitterfeed and test. This service can also be used for Gmail now.
5. Pull both the feeds one by one in the same account.
6. Follow instruction and can do advance settings later also.
7. You will be asked to authentic with the service. Select your new twitter account and enter password and allow to connect.
8. with your existing twitter account you follow the new account and grant permission to the follower from your new account. Activate mobile notification for tweets from the (myemail) twitter account on your original account.
That’s it, you are done.

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